Muscadel is one of the hidden treasures of the wine world, with these sweet dessert wines delighting palates for centuries. Muscadel is one of the oldest grape varieties in South Africa, and is a variety that is capable of being made into delicious wine, as well as being served in its whole fruit state as table grapes. Sadly these wines dropped in popularity for many years, but there is a current resurgence of them, which we at Rustenberg are very excited about.

The Rustenberg Red Muscadel is a relatively new wine in our line-up and one which is a passion project for Cellarmaster, Murray Barlow. The wine is made by fortifying grape juice in order to produce a dessert-style wine. Grapes are harvested at high sugar levels, pressed and the juice fortified with neutral grape spirit. This addition preserves the natural flavours of the juice while ensuring that no fermentation can take place in the wine, and also preserving the natural sugar from the grape juice, created a rich, sweet, stable dessert wine.

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