Wine Portfolio

Site Specific Range

Typifying the finest terrioirs of Rustenberg, the site specific range is comprised of two wines that emphasis the apex of varietal expression.


Made in small quantities, these wines are well structured, full bodied and benefit from careful cellaring making them highly collectable.


The Flagships

The estate’s two flagships are the Stellenbosch John X Merriman meritage blend and the barrel fermented and matured Stellenbosch Chardonnay.

They are an expression of the estate and Stellenbosch’s finest vineyards blending various vineyard sites to create wines that are greater then the sum of their parts.

Both wines benefit from careful bottle age.


Regional Range

Rustenberg’s regional range comprises a range of wines that typify the regions within which they are produced or blended from. Predominantly consisting of, but not confined to varietal wines.


Ida’s/1682 Range

This range is marketed under either the Ida’s or Est. 1682 labels.

Designed for early, easy drinking the range and packaged as the great Rustenberg’s were in years gone by. These wines are affordable examples of the dedication that Rustenberg places into each of its products, never losing sight of the fact that wine is a beverage to be enjoyed in any circumstance.